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Patient and Understanding

“Apart from being very patient and understanding, caring and positive, she has a great source of knowledge and inspiration. Her experience and understanding of mental health and behavioural issues and recognising the reasons for the behavioural problems, combined with strategies, support and goals put in place really helped my son develop his self-awareness and confidence. I would recommend her services to any parent who thinks their child may need additional learning support and/or emotional well-being support from someone who really does care.”



“My friendships are so much better ! I enjoy seeing Mrs Taverner as I know there is someone who always listens and understands the way I feel.”

Age 9

Much Improved

Mrs Taverner is helping me learn how to be kind and think of others. My work is getting better and my behaviour. Mrs Taverner helps me learn.

Age 6


Our child was experiencing friendship issues with her peers. An intervention was put in place by Mrs Taverner and this included small group work with our daughter and her peers. The sessions gave our daughter the platform to express her feelings, learn about what makes ‘ a good friend’ and how best to play fairly in a group situation.
as well as the group work Mrs Taverner provided 1:1 sessions. This boosted her confidence and empowered her to participate fully again in school life without worrying about issues within her friendship group.
Thank you, Mrs Taverner.


A Positive Outlook

“Lynda is one of the most caring and compassionate people I know. Her positive outlook, even disposition and sense of humour are just some of the characteristics that I admire the most. Lynda brings immediate comfort to those she meets, whether for the first time or to those she hasn’t seen in many years. I am very proud to have Lynda in my life. Anyone working with her will be too!”

Alison Cousland-Kapitan · Works at Mortgage Professionals Canada


“Lynda has been a fantastic source of encouragement and support to me, during a difficult time for my son. She has gone above and beyond my expectations on a free consultation basis, and genuinely not at any point has pushed me to buy. I am full of confidence that she’s a safe place to come for help with my son’s anxiety and difficulties. Thank you Lynda, you’re an angel x”


Extremely Approachable

“The ability to have a Mentor within school provides the children with tailored support and offers the opportunities that time may not afford on a normal school day.  Such as confidence and presentation skills. There is also the ability for a child to open up with 1:1 sessions. My son gained all these opportunities with Lynda and his confidence has certainly increased. He is 100% more likely to give eye contact with whoever speaks with him and this comes as a result of his 1:1 sessions. My son says ‘Mrs Taverner helped me get confident in front of the class’. I have to say, Lynda, you are extremely approachable and friendly. You always had time to acknowledge any queries I had or even still have.”


Loving School

It is wonderful to now see our daughter so much happier at school. Lynda has given our daughter a massive amount of support and we are extremely grateful! Lynda is someone that she can talk to about her worries and how she wants her school life to be. Our daughter is now full of confidence and loving school!

Natasha W

Positive Effect

“Mrs Taverner provides a safe place for children to talk. She has helped with a diverse number of issues, which has had a positive effect in the classroom!”


Thank You

“I just wanted to write and say ‘Thank you’ for all the help you have given my son over the last year.
It has been a difficult time for him and without the help and support of the School offering a counselling and support service, incorporated into the school day, I’m not sure he would have been able to deal with his emotions and problems in the way he has.

To have the facility of an independent person to be able to talk to, has been invaluable. I have seen such a positive change in my son’s emotions, attitude and his school work. A family break up is never easy to deal with or understand.

I personally can’t thank you enough and hope you continue with all the good work you do.”