Child & Family

We give parents/carers and children life tools and confidence to thrive within challenging behaviours and parenting issues. 

Schools & Education

We will individually tailor sessions to bring out the very best in the children (and adults) that we see.

The Parent Perspective Course

What we do


My work with children and families is bespoke to your individual needs and is unique in its approach and my main aim within Raindancers is to provide you with in-depth support, mentoring and advice for you are your children. We all know that things generally can’t be fixed overnight and things can take time. So, our premium packages are ideally carried out over a three month period, with a very high level of support and coaching.

Yet, not all areas of concern actually need that amount of intervention and on occasions, a quick beneficial fix is just what’s needed.

Support can be obtained in a variety of ways and are all flexible and based on your need.  

Raindancers Child & Family Mentoring

Raindancers Child & Family Mentoring, a Double Award Winning Business, is all about setting children and families free. To live a life that is full of purpose and joy and not one of worry, fear and anxiety.

I am an experienced mentor with Ofsted Outstanding for work in school and have a demonstrated history of working with children and families.

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