Raindancers Child & Family Mentoring –

Cabinet Office Approved

This is to help, support and mentor those of you that are struggling with isolation and the issues raised for you and your children.

These are indeed unprecedented times that we find ourselves in and I know many of you are full of fear, not only for your business but how on earth are you going to cope with everyone at home!

Don’t be fearful, I’m here to help.

Your children might be small, in their teens, they may be grown or even flown the nest. But that doesn’t take away your desire and want to parent well. Even more so, during this Cov-19 Pandemic.

If you’ve arrived at this page, I know only too well the struggles and depths you are facing right now. It’s highly likely that those concerns and struggles are for your child’s well-being and mental health and without a doubt their education, and more so, if they have neurodiversity additional needs.

You are likely to be seeing changes in their behaviour, behaviours that you may never have seen before!
Loss of engagement
Wanting to be alone
Less laughter and many more tears
… and that’s just the children. How are you doing?

People say this isn’t normal but what is normal?
Normal is your wherever you find yourself today and I’m here to help you through your kind of ‘normal’.

In these times, things are definitely different and as a specialist, I’m shifting to where you currently are and what you’re going through.

So, I’m offering you my many years of experience and expertise, where you will gain the guidance you’re crying out for and the ability to find the calm in your storm.

Clarity, confidence and strength, knowledge patience and understanding are all here for you too.

There’s so much more you and I could talk about, so why don’t we do just that. Please do reach out. Take me up on my courtesy consultation and find out how we can work together and how I can help you and your family thrive in this present norm.

The support being offered will come in various forms from Courtesy Phone Consultations, Free Access to my Facebook Pages and Private Groups.

For more in-depth support you can purchase PARENT POWER HOURS. A chance for you to discuss your area of concern, receive specialist help and advice and leave with a manageable plan going forward.

This offer of support will soon be going nationwide, so if this is something you think would help, I advise early booking.
Sessions will be via phone of password protected Zoom sessions.

Remember I’m here to help.