Enabling you to dance as you and your children navigate your way through family life and the education system.

Child & Family

We give parents/carers and children life tools and confidence to thrive within challenging behaviours and parenting issues. Along with addressing the Mental Health gap in the much stretched, countrywide resource.

Schools & Education

We will individually tailor sessions to bring out the very best in the children (and adults) that we see and knowing that many things at home or school can feel like storms, we overcome those storms and learn to dance, figuratively speaking, albeit a little jig never goes amiss!

The Parent Perspective Course

Let Raindancers empower you with this new and refreshing 6 week 2 hourly course. A course that enables you to establish your parenting foundations; understanding the basis and core of how and why we parent in the way that we do. 

We offer a wide range of services

School Interventions

SEN – Special Educational Needs

Hand Writing Skills for Lefties

PSHE Classes. Private Groups or within School

Parent Advocacy

1:1 Mentoring

Group Mentoring

Support with Family Difficulties

Help with wide range of Mental Health Issues

Corporate Training

Parenting Courses

Parent / Carer Consultations both in person or via the internet worldwide


Last but not least...excellent coffee!!

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