Child & Family

What we do

My work with children and families is bespoke to your individual needs and is unique in its approach.

We start with a free half hour phone consultation to establish your area of need.

From that we can then arrange an Assessment of Need Visit, where I will spend a couple of hours with you and your child, gain a deeper and clearer understanding of your situation and start establishing a relationship of trust  with your child.

Following this I will then provide you with a full written report of my time with you, draw up a choice of support packages that I feel would best suit your situation and needs. That support is offered at nothing less than three months and with the ability to extend should the need arise or be required.

All packages will include 1:1 sessions with your child, resources and written reports.

The following areas are just some of the items that can be added to create your own bespoke package of support.

  • Family sessions
  • School liaison
  • School intervention
  • School meetings/ advocacy
  • Email/ telephone support
  • Wider Family Meeting/Support
  • Classroom / playground observations
  • Weekly School Liaison- phone
  • School / Family Advocate/ My plan Meeting
  • Weekly designated phone
  • Parenting Perspective Course 6 sessions
  • Emergency phone calls/ support
  • All resources
  • End of Package Review Meeting to include home / family and school visit

Child & Family

We give parents/carers and children life tools and confidence to thrive within challenging behaviours and parenting issues. 

Schools & Education

We will individually tailor sessions to bring out the very best in the children (and adults) that we see.

The Parent Perspective Course