Fantastic New Service

by | Jul 15, 2018 | Miscellaneous

Provided by Lynda Taverner of Raindancers – Child and Family Mentoring for Parents, Carers and Children Alike.

Many of us, as parents and carers, will have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with the consequences of the inadequacies of the state system and know all too well the stress that is put on our children and us as families.  A system that states that it’s there to provide support and provision, but all too often it feels like it is always just out of reach, whether that be within Education, Social Care or Health.

Need for support

Often it isn’t until after the most exhausting, traumatising and difficult events, that you look back and realise the impact and the damage that has been done and how little help and support you received when you needed it most! And when I say support, I mean the kind that wants to understand your personal situation, walk alongside you, to be there at those crucial decision-making points, to help find solutions and take time to listen.

I look back now over the last 10 years of our journey and I wish I had been able to find this type of support service at several points along the way, but there was nothing out there.

“I have had the privilege of meeting and supporting Lynda Taverner, Founder of Raindancers – Child and Family Mentoring and gaining an insight into her unique and individually tailored support packages. Lynda understand the system and has experience both in education and social care and using this she will become your advocate and in turn rebuild dignity and self-worth to those children and parent / carers at their most vulnerable and desperate of times.

Should I find myself heading down that slippery slope again, I know who I will call as I can’t recommend Lynda Taverner Raindancers Child and Family Mentoring enough!!”