About Lynda

Raindancers Child & Family Mentoring

Welcome, my name is Lynda, I‘m a single mum of two fine young men and my passion is all about people, especially children and families.

When I’m not at work I love to Upcycle and make new from old… it gets my creative juices going and taps into my love of making things right. So it’s not just people but things too that I love! Slowly but surely I’m putting life back into the decor of my home and can tell you many a story of skip dipping with some surprising finds. It’s all good fun – this creativity is also the basis of how I work.

Along with my love of all things DIY, I enjoy cooking and baking. I acquired 1st prize for my sconies to the dismay of the local WI – sorry ladies. That was the start of my award winning streak.

I’m the sort of person that loves a challenge and I get to respond to this at work and at play. If it needs fixing, arranging or organising I’m usually the first to raise my hand.

I’m at my best when meeting with friends or just sharing time one on one, again this is reflected in my work. Clients soon become friends and the support for each other then grows.

My values and work ethics are based on my faith and it’s that faith that has brought me through the worst of times but has also enabled celebration, hope and peace in my soul.  I bring these values into my work by working compassionately and with care.



I’m passionate about bringing hope to children and families that fail to reach the high criteria for receiving help from government funded organisations. I do this by working with individuals and families, tailoring sessions, offering support, advice and mentoring.

I’m an experienced mentor, with Ofsted Outstanding for my work in school and I bring over 30 years of experience to your own personal situation

Anyone who knows me, will also know that I’m not adverse to public speaking, especially if it helps get the message across in regards to the wellbeing of children and families. With that love comes The Parent Perspective Course, my way of helping all parents and carers find real pleasure in ‘parenting’.

I’m proud to be the owner of Raindancers Child & Family Mentoring.

My Education and Background

  • Early Years Education and Psychology N.N.E.B
  • Child Protection and Social Services
  • Pastoral Care and Support
  • Team Leader
  • Primary Education
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders ASD
  • Autism Awareness Level 2
  • Child & Family Support Centers
  • Private Care
  • Continuous Personal Development  CPD
  • Enhanced DBS checks are updated regularly

"It is wonderful to now see our daughter so much happier at school. Lynda has given our daughter a massive amount of support and we are extremely grateful! Lynda is someone that she can talk to about her worries and how she wants her school life to be. Our daughter is now full of confidence and loving school!"

Natasha W

"To have the facility of an independent person to be able to talk to, has been invaluable. I have seen such a positive change in my son’s emotions, attitude and his school work. I personally can’t thank you enough and hope you continue with all the good work you do."


"The ability to have a Mentor within school provides the children with tailored support and offers the opportunities that time may not afford on a normal school day. I have to say, Lynda, you are extremely approachable and friendly. You always had time to acknowledge any queries I had or even still have."


Contact Me

If you have any questions or would like to leave a testimonial then please don't hesitate to contact me. I'd love to hear form you!

07539 259 919