All Fired Up

by | Jan 28, 2018 | Miscellaneous

Ok, we’re all fired up with bees in our bonnets today!!

This week we posted about some fantastic words to use for our girls instead of ‘princess’ and ‘beautiful’.

Fantastic article:

This got us thinking,  What exactly are we saying when we use these words!? Do we really want to teach our daughters that being a ‘princess’ is something they can become with all the Disney ideology that goes with it… ‘don’t worry, your handsome prince will save you …just be pretty and everything will be just fine’?

Working mainly with primary school aged children it grieves and concerns us greatly that so many of the girls do not think well of themselves and feel the pressure of friends, family, media, story books etc.

So we ask the question? How are we as adults really representing how wonderful it is to be ‘woman’?

Speaking to us ladies now, are we really doing ourselves justice in how we represent, champion, strengthen and empower the girls of the world? We cannot just hound and criticises the male population we have to play our part too!!

As part of our business, we are connected to many groups and we continue to be concerned by the imagery used to identify women and girls.

So we did a bit of googling on Google, typing in ‘women in work‘ any licence.

This will hopefully leave you speechless, it did us!!

I, Lynda, for one, am not in my 30’s nor am I a size 10 but according to our top search, I should be.

Raindancers, respectfully asks that you consider this post and realign your imagery with the real world. This has nothing to do with being PC but instilling worth and esteem into the girls and women of this world.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post 🙂