The Lady and the Tears

by | Nov 28, 2019 | Miscellaneous

A chance meeting and the world for three changed.

I’m often referred to as the ‘Lady that makes people cry’.

You might think, how sad and terrible but these tears are salty drops of relief, understanding and acceptance.

I have no problem with talking with people, I’m comfortable introducing myself and business and that’s often how the conversation starts. As I share what I offer the conversation grows and so very often something amazing takes place. There’s a look in an eye and tears are formed. As those salty drops begin to form, a trust is created and a deep-seated pain is given a voice.

And is voiced with the words “I wish I had found you sooner!” and my reply is always the same “You have now!”

For one, it was the deepest of pains over how her child had been treated and ignored in school and the years of ‘hell’ that followed. Her tears were from the constant pain of being told that her child was ‘trouble’ and his behaviour appalling. A child with ADHD is not trouble nor his behaviour ‘bad’. What is bad, is the fact that a child in a system that’s meant to support, educate and care, dismissed the voice of both mother and child.

As she shared her story and her eyes welled there was a longing being answered, one where she was heard and understood.

For the other, it was the gentle filling of her eyes over the present state of her marriage. Our conversation soon became one of the art of listening and the giving of space for her to share her thoughts.

On listening to my reply, that same deep look of relief crossed her face, the relief that she had given voice to her pain and that somebody understood.

As she spoke and in turn listened, two things took place. Firstly the willingness to be vulnerable with a total stranger and secondly the gaining of confidence that she could share her pain without judgement or remorse.

Both women in my conversations left drying their tears in the knowledge that they had been heard and understood and accepted for where they are in life’s journey.

Not only did their worlds change that day but mine too.

For them, plans were made to bring about change, to be given the support and care that they and their families need. And for myself the continued healing of my own circumstances and that in some small way, in a moment of time, my own story had not gone to waste.

Do these stories resonate with you? Does your heartache over your voice not being heard? Do you want to see the best for your child and or your marriage?

Please do get in touch, I’m just a phone call away!

From ‘The Lady that Makes People Cry’