The Parent Perspective Course

Learn more about laying the right foundations

How do you feel about PARENTING? Want to change the HISTORY book? Is your CONFIDENCE lacking?Is it more of a nightmare than a DREAM? Are you a reactor or a RESPONDER? Not feeling the LOVE?

Raising children, needs to be embraced with understanding, patience, knowledge, friendship, support, insight, laughter and strength.

As the saying goes, ‘Children don’t come with an instruction manual’  Raindancers understands that raising children is not always easy to do. Which is why the Parent Perspective Course© offered by Raindancers has been developed to help you do just that.


Let Raindancers empower you with this new and refreshing course. A course that enables you to establish your parenting foundations; understanding the basis and core of how and why we parent in the way that we do. Discover ways to align your parenting style and beliefs, so you can parent with confidence and celebrate all things great about being a family.

With this in mind, The Parent Perspective Course is a must for all parents, parents to be, carers and in fact any that have connections with children. Whether you have children, parent together or alone or are thinking of starting a family, this course is for you and will bring about a new and fresh perspective to parenting.

Raindancers would love to share their journey with you and accompany you on yours!  You can be truly amazing, and gain pleasure and satisfaction from parenting.  

The Oxford Dictionary describes the word ‘parent’ as follows and clearly shows us that being a ‘parent’ is not just about natural birth but ‘to parent’ is for all that are involved with children.



noun: parent plural noun: parents

1.     a father or mother.: “the parents of the bride” “his adoptive parents”.

2.     synonyms: mother, father, birth/biological parent, progenitor, adoptive parent, foster-parent, step-parent, guardian, begetter


verb: parent 3rd person present: parents past tense: parented past participle: parented gerund or present participle: parenting

1.     be or act as a mother or father to (someone).: “the warmth and attention that are the hallmarks of good parenting”.

2.     synonyms: raise, bring up, look after, take care of, rear, hand-rear

Thought Provoking – Inspirational – Life Giving – Soul Restoring – Family Loving

During the course you will…

  • LOOK at your own personal story and how and why you ‘Parent’ the way that you do.
  • DISCOVER your language of love, your partners and that of your children.
  • EXPLORE your own family values, traditions and boundaries in body, mind and spirit.
  • GAIN insight into your parenting styles and learn whether you ‘respond’ or ‘react’ and the outcomes of both.
  • TAKE time to examine what it is to have a growth mindset for yourself and that of the children you care for.
  • ESTABLISH your thoughts and values, knowledge and confidence.
  • EQUIP yourself to parent positively with healthy attitudes.
  • CELEBRATE the love of parenting!